Frequently Asked Questions

1. If I list someone here on Bad Buyer will it show up in a Google® search under his or her name?

2. Is there a way for the person that I am listing on bad buyer to be notified that he or she has just been listed?

3. Does it seem that buyers are using negative feedbacks to extort sellers more and more?

4. Can I look up Bad Buyers for free before I ship their order?

5. Does it seem that the executives at Ebay® that make policy have no idea what it is like, to actually sell on their own site?

6. Does it seem odd to any one else that the appeals department at Ebay® & Amazon® for account closures do not accept phone calls?

7. Why does Ebay® seem to favor its buyers over the sellers in the feedback department when the sellers are the ones paying all of the fees?

8. Does really work?